Release date set for A Cat Out of Egypt!

A Cat Out of Egypt,  magical prequel to Yeshua’s Cat, is scheduled for release October 15th!

Join the child Yeshua and his temple cat Miw

for a breathtaking race across the Egyptian desert,

pitting their faith against a deadly evil of the ancient world!

Editing and formatting of A Cat Out of Egypt are complete, and If all goes well, Egypt will go live on Amazon on October 15th, both in paperback and Kindle formats. The narrative has come in at 70,500 words: approximately 40 pages longer than Yeshua’s Cat (not counting the glossary and explanation of illustrations).




The cover design is the work of the author, based partially on a painting of the temple of Isis at Philae by the 19th C artist David Roberts. The line drawings opening each chapter are sketches of Egyptian artifacts, also by the author.

Cat mummy from Ptolemaic/Roman period
Glazed terracotta cat, Ptolemaic period










Take a look at the sample pages for the opening chapters!