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Praise for A Cat Out of Egypt

“Enchanting, poetic, engrossing, and vivid, A Cat Out of Egypt is simply a delight, and highly recommended for Christian readers who would gain a different, fictional, cat’s-eye perspective on Jesus’ early experiences and his interactions with the world.”

~ D. Donovan, Reviewer for Midwest Book Review


A Cat Out of Egypt is an imaginative and thoughtful tale about Jesus’ years in Egypt . . . the descriptions bring the time period to life for all readers . . . Not only is the author raising theological issues, but she’s describing environmental and historical forces, and she does so without forcing beliefs on the reader.

Telling the story through Miw, a cat, is a brilliant way of making religious history more accessible for young readers. By focusing on Miw’s interactions with Yeshua and the surrounding events makes the story more appealing than just citing historical facts and religious beliefs. That doesn’t mean young readers don’t learn from stories they read, and that is why this tale so clever. . . And it’s not imperative to have a strong background in theology or history. While the author includes a lot of information, it’s done without dumping a lot of facts at once, which is the way historical fiction should be written.

This is an entertaining and captivating story that will delight Christian readers no matter their age.     5 stars!

~ Self-Publishing Review, 5 stars!



 “What an interesting perspective! It was fun to imagine Jesus’ Egypt years and how those years shaped his life and ministry . . . I loved the writing and the journey it took my imagination on.”

~ editor, The Writers’ Edge


“A Cat Out of Egypt is exceedingly well crafted, deeply spiritual, and theologically profound. Francisco creates intensely visual descriptions of the Egyptian and Nabataean cultures where the drama plays out. The characters in this prequel to The Gospel According to Yeshua’s Cat are outstanding, even more vivid than in Yeshua’s Cat—especially Yeshua and the priestess. I love the writing: the story is amazing and heart wrenching, following Yeshua and his companions as they embark on a perilous and fascinating journey across uncharted wastes full of looming unknowns.

 What a wonderful quest for my own mind and spirit as I fledged out the meanings of this magical story highlighting a “pagan” cat, from a temple which honors multiple pagan gods! How unexpected to find a temple cat and a pagan priestess as companions of Yeshua! I love these characters! “

~ C. J. Phipps, PhD, author of Forest Fires and Rainbows




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