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Here’s what readers are saying:

Yeshua’s Cat:

 “Imagine if the author of Watership Down had written The Shack!”

 “For the first time, I finally understand what the point, the power, and the beauty of “he is risen” is about – hey, it only took 50 years and a cat to translate!”

 “A delightful combination of simplicity and deep theological insight.”

 “The words left the pages and entered my heart, soul and spirit. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.”

A Cat Out of Egypt:

“A Cat Out of Egypt is exceedingly well crafted, deeply spiritual, and theologically profound. Francisco creates intensely visual descriptions of the Egyptian and Nabataean cultures where the drama plays out. The characters in this prequel to The Gospel According to Yeshua’s Cat are outstanding, even more vivid than in Yeshua’s Cat—especially Yeshua and the priestess. I love the writing: the story is amazing and heart wrenching, following Yeshua and his companions as they embark on a perilous and fascinating journey across uncharted wastes full of looming unknowns.

 What a wonderful quest for my own mind and spirit as I fledged out the meanings of this magical story highlighting a “pagan” cat, from a temple which honors multiple pagan gods! How unexpected to find a temple cat and a pagan priestess as companions of Yeshua! I love these characters! “

~ C. J. Phipps, PhD, author of Forest Fires and Rainbows


“Have you ever wondered what happened to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph after they fled to Egypt to escape Herod’s madness? The Bible says nothing about their life for about a ten-year period after that. A Cat Out of Egypt is a fascinating and scholarly account of what might have been, as seen through the eyes of an Egyptian cat from the temple of Bast—a cat with Narnian sensibilities.

 Do you know what it means to “wind a watch”? Wristwatches used to be driven by springs, and they were wound tight by twisting a stem—a tiny knob protruding from the watch case. Well, this story is a real “stem winder”! The more you read, the more wound up you get. Treachery, sorcery, mystery, murder, love, and the excitement of the chase—they’re all there, followed by a satisfying denouement that dovetails easily into The Gospel According to Yeshua’s Cat, the book that picks up Jesus’ story many years later.

 A wild ride and a great read!”

~ Don Francisco, Christian singer-songwriter


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Cat Breaching, by C. L. Francisco
Cat Breaching, by C. L. Francisco

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