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Praise for Yeshua’s Cat–

from the critics:

“A thoughtful, loving, and gentle portrayal of the life of Jesus . . . an ideal balance for a theological book . . . The author’s view of Yeshua and his teaching is supported by rational philosophical and theological argument, and founded in love . . . a charming look at the story of Jesus from an entirely different perspective.4_1-2Stars-

Indie Reader


“Yeshua’s Cat has a charm that most religious fiction doesn’t pull off – it’s an original idea that works well in its genre and will appeal to Bible readers and cat lovers alike. The day-to-day detail of what it was to be alive in such an ancient culture is intricate and visually stimulating . . . “4_1-3Stars



Self Publishing Review



“This inspirational book is heartwarming and enlightening,”

Kristi’s Book Nook


“Told in a very unique way through the eyes of a bright, insightful cat. Listen to her words, hear her voice, and smile. The final ending you need to read for yourself in this outstanding book.”

Just Reviews

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from readers:

“Imagine if the author of Watership Down had written The Shack!”

 “For the first time, I finally understand what the point, the power, and the beauty of “he is risen” is about – hey, it only took 50 years and a cat to translate!”

 “A delightful combination of simplicity and deep theological insight.”

 “The words left the pages and entered my heart, soul and spirit. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.”



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