What Readers Are Saying about Yeshua’s Cat

Contemporary Christian Singer/Songwriter Don Francisco:

DonCat2Possibly the most original extra-biblical account of Jesus’ life I’ve ever read! (Okay– the author’s my sister, but it’s still true.) It’s fresh, and Mari’s (the cat’s) perspective is objective and clear, without all the baggage of a human trying to tell the same story. New Testament characters that were previously rather dry and opaque become remarkably alive as they are seen through the eyes of a cat, especially when they react to her. Though obviously a fantasy, I had no problem at all believing that such communication was possible. The truths communicated are no less eternal when seen through an animal’s eyes. This book really does stand with such fiction as C.S Lewis’ books. An enjoyable, fascinating read!

Wendy_CatSInger/Songwriter/Author Wendy Francisco:

CL Francisco has created an astonishing tale of the Gospel from the point of view of a little cat who is tucked in the robes of Jesus. It is like Narnia and the Shack, and yet all its own. Amazing. You will need Kleenex.


Ben Wilson:

BenCatI know of one person who would have loved this book — and that is C.S. Lewis. “Yeshua’s Cat” is written in the style of Lewis’s Christian Fantasy Series and is a delightful and refreshing combination of simplicity and deep theological insight. The story is the same as what is presented in the Gospels, just seen from a different perspective. While it can’t be said with certainty that Jesus did have a pet cat, there is nothing in the story that is in the least contrary to the picture the scriptures paint of the Master’s Journey into time and space. At the very least, there are multiple references in the Old Testament to animals speaking with humans!

The book needs to be consumed in small doses. . .perhaps a chapter a day, to allow the reader to reflect on and digest the nuggets of truth that are found on every page.



J. Lambert Brooks:

LambertCatThe Gospel according to Yeshua’s cat is one the more refreshing, accessible, and human tellings of an often misused and misunderstood text. It’s wonderfully ironic that God has used donkeys, murderers, and outcasts of every kind to lead people to His love. I guess It’s perfectly fitting and within character to now see Him alive through the eyes of a lowly cat! C.L. Francisco has written a modern-classic of christian thought, yet far less stuffy and far more insightful. It’s well worth the read.


Donna West:

DonnaCatMy copy of The Gospel according to Yeshua’s Cat arrived yesterday and it is beyond wonderful! It was recommended by a friend on Facebook, and I can’t thank her enough for recommending it!

As a founder of a local cat rescue organization and a wannabe writer, this is the book I wanted to write. . .I have cried, laughed, nodded knowingly as Mari the cat recounted her travels and her conversations with Yeshua. This author has completely captured the true nature of cats, as well as that of Yeshua . Much like C.S. Lewis in his Chronicles of Narnia, C.L. Francisco has written a book that transcends the age category of the reader.

I already know this will be my gift of choice for all my closest friends. My first gift copy will arrive today for my sister’s 58th birthday.


Shelley E. Olds “technut” (Nederland, CO):

Walking Cat2Where was this book when I was forced to read cartoonish books of the life and times of Jesus back in elementary school? This book makes his life seem believable – and telling the story from the point of a cat provides a nice onlooker quality while allowing the reader to be part of the action. And who is to say that Jesus couldn’t have communicated with animals?

Not being a bible person, I can’t review how the author’s rendition adheres to the original (or its multiple translations); however, it hits the important points while providing more contextualization of how people lived at that time. And, {spoiler alert} for the first time, I finally understand what the point, the power, and the beauty of “he is risen” is about – hey, it only took 50 years and a cat to translate. Worth the reading.



L_CatI really got into this book …could not put it down and when finished wished that I wasn’t. I don’t read many books a second time but this one I am for certain I will. I loved the mystical feel of it. It took my love for Jesus even deeper, even a week or so later my heart still fills up so full it feel like it will burst. Thank you, thank you!



DabeeCat2Having literally devoured this jewel today, I am still recovering. I laughed, I cried (a LOT), it became a part of me. A delightful book on par with C.S. Lewis or William P. Young. C.L. Francisco captured my attention on the first page. I was there each step of the way, from Mari’s rescue, to her musings on what she observed as she traveled with Jesus, to the last page. I also found myself being called and drawn into a deeper intimacy with my beloved Jesus and it touched me profoundly. A brilliant read which goes straight to God’s heart of love.


Arlene Ingram, St Simons Island: 

ArleneCatFirst I don’t think I have ever cried so hard or for so long as I did during and after reading this sweet book. (Bible would be the only exception)

This is such a simple way to understand the Gospel of Christ and is an insightful conformation to animal lovers as to the eternal love of God for His entire creation. In a world of turmoil as busy as a meat grinder, I came back to the reality of what we’re here for and where home really is.



MarjCatThe Gospel According to Yeshua’s Cat was intriguing, inspiring, and compelling. I couldn’t put it down. C.L. Francisco has done a masterful job in relating the story of Jesus’ three years of ministry on this earth through the viewpoint of a lowly cat. What a beautiful experience of Jesus’ life and God’s love!


Carol Munk, Eagle River, Alaska:  

LastCat3Made me laugh at times, warmed my heart at other times. The cat follows Jesus through out His life, death and Resurrection. This gave me a new perspective as the cat asks why he went to the cross, and wasn’t there another way. The answer Jesus gave seemed reasonable, LOVE for us is the real answer, couched with other reasons as well. This book is great if you aren’t keen on reading the Bible. You might want to read the Bible story to check out the cat’s story.


Madeline K. Fisher “Nonnie”, Ohio:

LastAgainThis book is different, of course, and it may challenge those that are stiff, prim, and proper in their thinking that Jesus was also prim, proper, sober (or even sour), and far above being as we are. This book makes Him even more real, in a sense, as a human being, beset with the same uncertainties as to what choices He needs to make—until He fully understands His mission on this earth. An interesting and enjoyable read. Makes one think beyond what we have always been taught about Him.


Chris Glawe:

GlaweCatThe author chooses to describe the primary years of Jesus’ ministry from the viewpoint of a pet cat. While this may seem silly, it is Ms. Francisco’s character development, socioeconomic commentary and geographically accurate depictions of the area that capture and hold the attention of the reader. Although the ultimate outcome is already known, the reader is provided a glimpse into 1st century life in Palestine that is unforgettable. The current popular method by which to know Jesus is “historical narrative”, which simply provides a biography. This book is a novel interpretation by a faithful follower of Christ that provides history and narrative from a voice that is fictional, compelling and enjoyable. As a Christian, I thoroughly enjoyed the passages emphasizing the unique and divine nature of Jesus. I recommend this book to anyone open to faithful interpretation and reflection on the life of Jesus.


David Kirkey:

DavidCatI thoroughly enjoyed this book. The strangest thing is that it seems to focus me on Jesus’ real message far better than any of my other religious training. Some will say that it is blasphemy, but if it helps even one person, it cannot be bad. Read it and see if it opens your mind.


Renee Abernathy:

ReneeCatI completely enjoyed reading this book. At first I was dubious of such a book. Maybe it was blasphemous! Well it was beautiful. The gospel is presented in a real and readable way. The love of God permeates the book. It is the Gospel in the eyes of a cat. Totally a great read!


Deborah Vail:

DeborahCatBeautiful story. Beautifully written. Definitely inspired! I strongly recommend this book! If you love cats and you love your Lord, you’ll love this book!