An Autumn Yeshua’s Cats Break

I found myself more than usually burnt out after finishing the launch of Yeshua’s Loom, so I took an autumn break: hiking and photographing the changing forests in upstate NY. Luckily my brother Don came to visit, so we photographed the woods together!

One of my readers said that my photos looked as if I were trying to find windows into the One’s Spirit in the world. I mentioned that to Don, who said that was exactly what he did! Spending deep time with someone who’s known you all your life is incredibly nourishing. Here are some of my photos–taken by the writer at rest, with her brother. Click on individual photos to see a larger size.

The first album is from Ferncliff Nature Reserve in Duchess County:


The second album is from the Devil’s Peak Trail in the Indian Head Wilderness area above Woodstock:


This third album is from a very windy day along the Hudson River:


And finally, the Vanderbilt Estate on Halloween, after I took Don to the airport: